Progressive Hilarity

It is pure comedy gold watching progressives try to wrap their minds around the Dark Enlightenment – like watching a monkey try to figure out a circuit board:

My favorite part:

I never met any of the higher Eldars, but I did once meet an Eldar in Training. I don’t know his real name but people called him Legolas. He had long blond hair, was dressed like a 19th century count, and wore a pendant that had both a Christian Cross and Thor’s Hammer on it.

Someone, somewhere, really understands how to tap into a liberal’s deepest and most visceral of fears!

The crème de la crème is the closing sentence:

As ever, the first line of defense against such people is laughter.  “The devil, the proud spirit, cannot endure to be mocked.” – St. Thomas More

Shea removed the article, but then reinstated it with all commenting blocked.  The devil, in this case, apparently could not endure being mocked.

Progress – The Religion of Modernity

People are generally willing to suffer to defend or spread their true beliefs.  Christians are no longer willing to fight for Christianity because Christianity is not their true belief.  Most Christians however seemingly are willing to fight, kill, and die (or at least vote for war) to spread and defend democracy, egalitarianism, and human rights – this trinity is their most revered god.

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Mass Man Is (thankfully) Dead

The 19th and 20th centuries were dominated by mass movements.  Much of modernity’s memeplex is therefore dominated by the spectacle of the mass movement.  Lucky for us, mass movements will become less and less relevant as time rolls on.  The mass movement is an archaic artifact of a certain time period when the contemporary level of technology was prone to creating powerful mass movements. Continue reading

Transcendence & Perspective

Only by transcending ourselves can we truly understand being ourselves.  Only by transcending one’s race can someone truly identify with their race.  Only by transcending one’s nation can someone truly be a patriot.  Only by transcending humanity can one be a decent human being.  Without transcendence a man is just a shallow imitator of his fellow man.  Without transcendence one’s world is two dimensional – transcendence gives a man depth, and therefore perspective. Continue reading

In Defense of Nobility

It is easy today, with centuries of propaganda backing it up, to assume that the nobility were a parasitic class of rich and ruthless people who spent their days playing games, getting entire nations embroiled in their personal vendettas, and sapping the economic life out of the sturdy peasants who were forced to live under them.  Movies, pop culture, and tenured historians all agree that the noble class was never anything more than a gang of glorified thugs.  The inconvenient fact is that a virtuous class of nobility is a critically essential component of any advanced and civilized nation.  Consequently, destroying the nobility in a civilized nation always results in several predictable disasters for the people that the noble class serves. Continue reading