Transcendence & Perspective

Only by transcending ourselves can we truly understand being ourselves.  Only by transcending one’s race can someone truly identify with their race.  Only by transcending one’s nation can someone truly be a patriot.  Only by transcending humanity can one be a decent human being.  Without transcendence a man is just a shallow imitator of his fellow man.  Without transcendence one’s world is two dimensional – transcendence gives a man depth, and therefore perspective.

Transcendence however does not imply that the thing which has been transcended is meaningless.  The Zen master who transcends his own humanity still must eat and wash the dirt off his feet.  A white man who transcends his own race is still a white man.  Corruption and degeneracy lead to (or perhaps result from?) transcendence of a thing being interpreted as falsification of that thing.  One who transcends his race and thus decides race is silly is one who has been corrupted, not enlightened.


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