Progress – The Religion of Modernity

People are generally willing to suffer to defend or spread their true beliefs.  Christians are no longer willing to fight for Christianity because Christianity is not their true belief.  Most Christians however seemingly are willing to fight, kill, and die (or at least vote for war) to spread and defend democracy, egalitarianism, and human rights – this trinity is their most revered god.

Christianity first spread by overlaying Christian beliefs on pagan cultures.  Likewise, modernity first spread by overlaying progressivism onto a Christian culture.  In this sense, conservatism is much like Catholicism – Catholicism is the most pagan-flavored of the Christian denominations.  Modern liberalism is akin to radical Protestantism.  Protestants rejected the authority of Catholic tradition just as liberals today reject old-timey Christian-flavored progressivism.  We can graphically witness the disagreement every Christmas when the conservatives want to conserve the outwardly archaic Christian forms of Christmas while moderate liberals want to sever the “pagan” (i.e. Christian) roots of the holiday – which just so happens to be an ancient real pagan holy day overlain with Christian interpretation – and substitute pure gift-giving generosity as the true meaning of Christmas.  Hard-core liberals however, being secular Calvinists, despise Christmas just as much as the old hard-core Protestants once despised it.

There are several points of contention between the neo-Catholics (conservatives) and the neo-Protestants (liberals) that go beyond religious symbolism.  The liberal sect espouses ecological puritanism, radical tolerance, and feminism.  The conservative sect espouses radical capitalism, public Christianity, and traditional nods (but usually toothless gestures) to the old societal structures.  The conservative sect and the liberal sect can however set aside these differences whenever a real threat to the holy trinity of democracy, egalitarianism, and human rights appears.

Democracy is a system of government that eventually ensures that only psychopaths can gain power.  The greater the rate of suffrage then the greater psychopathy is required to gain power.  Nevertheless, even though conservatives and liberals can concede the factuality of this point in private conversation, any expressed disbelief in the inherent holiness of democracy is treated as heresy.  Conservatives and even most liberals will privately concede that the roots of egalitarianism are wrong and that people are inherently unequal, yet any such public sentiment is blasphemy against the modern god.  Paeans to the wispy mythical ghost of human rights are all around us non-stop, yet how many people truly feel free?

Some people can see Christianity dying in the West and wonder what will take its place.  The truth is it was replaced a long time ago.  Christianity in the West today is exactly where paganism was circa A.D. 700 – or is it 700 CE?

Listening to conservatives and liberals debate their respective beliefs is like listening to medieval scholars debate each other over how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.  For those of us who know the truth, we should expect to be treated like medieval witches or Dark Age pagans.  Be careful out there.


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